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The Diwali Celebrations, And my b-day.

Hello guys, Gazek here (NOT ON THE PHONE, BUB!), and I’ve got some Festive news here. October 23rd was my BIRTHDAY!!! I got an iPod Touch, and It rules. Music, Internet.. Everything. And, Recently, it was the Indian Festival Diwali, spelled Deepawali, Deevali, or The Festival of Lights. We’ll call it Diwali. So, basically, what you do, is eat, burst fir crackers, and sleep. The festival’s point is to celebrate the Indian God Ram‘s return from 13 years of exile. Then, all those ancient guys started bursting fire crackers, and it soon became a festival, and it was compulsary for all Indians to celebrate. It’s real fun, bursting crackers, and shooting spark guns. I burnt my thumb with a match stick, but it healed, and I’m fine now. I also want to bring to notice the Resignation of Golden Eagle, a.k.a GE. She recently left poptropica and the PHB, and  we will all miss you. Good luck in where ever you choose to go. She also mentioned going to Track, and I’m sure she’ll be really fast. And, I’ve added a twitter widget, and an updates box. The updates box is getting edited, so please wait! Thank you, and See you! I’ll be putting up a PCC real soon!



Yay! Halloween is coming up soon!! Teh header’s ready, I’ve selected my costume, and Haunted House is released on Poptropica. Awesome, eh?? I accidentally had typed in “Christmas” instead of “Halloween”, then had the brilliant idea of putting on a cross,  then the blood splatter, then, The Actual “Halloween”. I took the background from Poptropica, and then recolored it purple. I’ve added a new post on the PHB, but Codien put in a new post about Haunted House’s Realease, so yeah.. Generally I’m in a happy mood right now, and I’m making a header for when Halloween has ended. I’m making sidebar widgets, making fonts, and I’m loving my life. I’m planning to remodel the sidebars.. And remodel literally everything. I’m getting my stories and I’m gonna put ’em up soon. So, this was basically a clean up post, I know, I know..

Originally Said By Kevin Da Whale,


Pokemon Color Change- Arcanetric!!

Hello, Gazek here (On the Phone,  BUB!!!). Before I get onto topic, I would like to say something offtopic. My brother, Aldraz is On the Web! He’s made a PHF account, and A blog, which you can check out here. Remember, he’s in 10th, and he’s really busy, so he may not get to you so soon if you comment on his blog. Also, Check out this other amazing blog, The Hi-Ju-Yo Blog!! That blog is my Friend Hijuyo’s blog, and It’s a real enjoyable place.

Ok, now lets get to the point. I’ve made Pokemon Color Changes!! See, All I do is Take 2 Pokemon that are around the same size, use one of the Pokemon’s color, and edit the other Pokemon with the other Pokemon’s colors. That Simple. I did one today, And I’ll show it to you {Right now, by the way.}. It’s called Arcanetric, and I mixed The Pokemon Arcanine and Manectric together. Look below, Friends..

The Pokemon whos colors I used

The Pokemon who's colors I used

My Result!!!

My Result!!!

The Pokemon I used for the Color Change

The Pokemon I used for the Color Change

Interesting, Eh?? Well, I’ll be posting More of these soon. I’ve added a new Cartoon in the Art work Section, check it out!! Also, I’ll be making a new header soon.